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AMANIE is a multilingual media, promoting art and cultures from the African heritage.

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Adja by Alexis Peskine

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photo: C.A.ML.K for AMANIE Magazine

Adama Paris by Mario Epanya
"Shameless Afro Hair" -Connecting Afro Futures exhibition, Berlin - 2019
photo: Adama-Paris-Shameless-Afro-Hair-photo-by-Mario-Epanya

photo by Adetolani Davies - Ọ̀sun Òṣogbo festival, Nigeria

Contemporary African art has its exhibition in Norway. More than 30 African artists from 19 countries. An exhibition curated by Kristin Hjellegjerde.

Telling more and differently our stories, changing the narrative and going beyond

language barriers.

AMANIE Magazine's Winter 2021 Special Edition is now out. It is a particular one, as it celebrates our 5 years of existence.

We enjoy reporting on entertainment news, well-known art exhibitions, as much as looking for underground events, or emerging artists everywhere. Thus, we deliver eclectic, rich and global artistic and cultural content in English, French and German (Spanish as well). This idea started 5 years ago is now a fabulous adventure, and it will continue.

Our Winter 2021 Special Edition celebrates this journey. It offers you a panorama of our content: exclusive articles, memorable events, meaningful contributions.

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