Current Open Call

Are you an Algerian artist or creative?
Apply and get your artwork featured in our upcoming edition.

An introduction to contemporary Algeria through art

until 30th June 2023


We started with basic observations within our team:
Algeria celebrated in 2022 its 60th anniversary of official independence from France.
How to highlight the country, its population, and the society, without reproducing the same narrative, based on conflicts, social and economic challenges only?
What can the future look like for the country?
From these observations, we chose our theme for the upcoming publication.
It cannot happen without the active participation of Algerian creatives, artists, storytellers, writers, curators, and cultural professionals.

While African and African-descents artists have their work shown more and more internationally,
and particularly in Europe, Algerian artists are still hidden. When their work is displayed, they are often bi-national artists, especially from France (French-Algerian artists).
Meanwhile, it is the largest African country, and it has played a key diplomatic role on the African continent, and internationally as a provider of energy resources.
Besides that, Algeria has hosted the first Panafrican Festival in 1969, in Algiers; then its celebration 50 years later. In 1969, the city welcomed artists from the whole continent and its worldwide diaspora. Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Archie Shepp, Manu Dibango, Ousmane Sembène,
Aminata Fall or Maya Angelou participated.

After all that, and 60 years after the independence of the country, what does
the art and cultural scene look like?
How is the art and cultural scene,
especially after the massive protest of 2019, the Hirak?

We are curious to discover other storytelling.
Feel free to invite other artists, creatives from your contact list.
Emerging, early beginners, marginalised people are highly invited and encouraged to send their proposal.

Selection process

- You may apply until 30th June 2023.
- We prioritize art forms that can be included in our digital publication.
- To submit any other art form, don't hesitate to contact us.
- There is no required theme to follow.
- However, we will particularly consider the following:

  • Panafricanism
  • Stories of/from marginalised groups in Algeria
  • Women* voices
  • New or alternative museum
  • Restitution of objects and human remains
  • Mental health in the art world
  • Ecologies

The selected artists will be notified via email by the end of Summer 2023.
We do not offer financial compensation to be published in the edition.
By agreeing to apply and to participate in the publication, the artist allows us to publish their work, in digital and print edition and on our social media accounts, for advertisement and marketing purposes.
Of course, all the rights remain to the artists, for any kind of artwork, and we credit them, when the work is shared.
In case of a re-edition, the agreement of the artist will be asked first.
The artist names, bio and online information (website, social media account) will be mentioned during the events organised in Germany, to accompany the publication’s released.

The selection will be made by the founder and editor in collaboration with the other professionals involved in this publication.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question.
We kindly ask you for patience before receiving an answer from us; we are a small team of humans :)

We would like to mention again that we are a media enhancing art and cultures from the African continent and its diaspora.
So please consider it, as you apply.
If we encourage innovative, marginalised, out of the box and non-colonial expression, WE DO NOT SUPPORT ANY KIND OF IMPLICIT OR EXPLICIT RACISM OR ANY OTHER FORM OF DISCRIMINATION.

More About Us

AMANIE Magazine is a multilingual media for art and cultures from Africa and its diaspora.
It started as a blog in 2016, in Paris, and turned into a biennial publication since 2020.
Two editions have already been released. In 2021, a special edition has been delivered to celebrate
the 5th anniversary of the media.
The next one is scheduled for 2023, with the following theme:
An introduction to contemporary
Algeria through art.

We offer content on specific topics, and therefore AMANIE Magazine may be labelled as a niche emerging cultural and art media.

One specificity is to look at current social issues theme through the eyes of art, the expression of artists from Africa and the diaspora.

What AMANIE means: It is a word and ceremony of the Akan culture.
Akan  regroups several ethnies found in West Africa, especially in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).
It stands for the art of asking news to a visitor, when they come.
There are particular gestures and
questions associated to it.
Indeed, AMANIE, to pronounce “amanié” [amanje], is a ritual mixing greetings and news.